- 18th International congress on Heritage Conservation. Lecture: Re-inhabitating historic buildings as
  hotels. Interventions that tell stories. Granada. November 2011.
- I Research meeting on recycling tools. Sevilla. June 2011 Lecture: Re-inhabitating landscapes. Recycling
  tools in urban public spaces.
- Master in Theory and restoration techniques. School of Architecture of Madrid. October 2010. INVITED
  PROFESSOR. Lecture: Scarpa: Viewing with hands.
- I Andalousian Educational Symposium for a healthy environment. Granada. December 2009. Lecture:
  Built Landscapes. “Re_Habitability”

Research projects
- Member of the Research Project: “Recycling cities: Dwelling developing for a sustainable development”.
  Faculty of Architecture. University of Granada. University of Granada. From 2009.
- Member of the Research Project: Methodologic teaching innovation on architectonic Project in the built
  city. Urban recycling. University of Granada 2010-2012.
- Member of the Research Group: “Contemporary culture and architecture”. University of Granada. From 2009.
- Research member of the Council of the Alhambra and Generalife. 1999-2001.
- Archaeological excavations. Tel_Dor (Khirbet el-Burj). Israel. Hebrew University and University of Haifa.
  Summer period 1993