- Solar Decathlon Europe. ANDALUCÍA TEAM • PROJECT PATIO 2.12. Madrid 2012.
  Design of the external and chill out area. Learning from water
  Prizes: 2nd FINAL AWARD SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE 2012 / 1st Award in Communication
  and Social Awareness / 1st Award in Energy Efficiency / 1st Award in Energy Electric Balance / 1st Award
  in Public’s Favourite / 2nd Award in Sustainability / 2nd Award of the Green Building Council / 2nd Award in
  Innovation / 3rd Award in Engineering and Construction.

- Civil Engineers Official Institution in Andalousia (CICCP). Granada. 2010. FINALIST

- Popular University equipment. Jaén. 2003. FIRST PRIZE. VIII PRIZE “Andres de Vandelvira”.
  Category: NEW BUILDING. 2010. Official architects Insttitution of Jaén.

- Public space for events and gardens “FORUM de NEGOCIOS”. Granada. 2008. 6TH Rosa Barba
  European Landscape Award. SELECTED.

- Charming Hotel in Fuente del Rey. Jaén. 2005. VIII PRIZE “Andres de Vandelvira”. Category:
  REFURBISHED BUILDING. 2010. Official architects Institution of Jaén.

- Landscape restoration of the “GROTTES of HÉRCULES”. Tangier. Morocco. 2007. FIRST PRIZE

- 12 Public Dwellings. Lubrín. Almería. 2006. FIRST PRIZE

- 8 Public Dwellings. Baeza. Jaén. 2006. FIRST PRIZE

- Lawyer’s Main Regional Association. Granada. 2005. FIRST PRIZE

- Wood and Furniture Research Center. Lucena (Córdoba). 2002. 1st ACCESIT.

- House for Artists in Jaén. 2002. 1st ACCESIT

- Notary’s office. Granada. 2001. INTERIOR DESIGN PRIZE 2002. Architects Official Institution. Granada

- Environment Andalousian Center (CEAMA) Granada. 1999. FIRST PRIZE

- Church in “Bola de Oro” Quarter. Granada. 1998. 1st ACCESIT

- Church in “Zaidin” Quarter. Granada. 1998. 1st ACCESIT

- International award “RELATHIONSHIP between La ALHAMBRA and the city of GRANADA”. 1999.