- ICERI 2013. International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
  Lecture: "Teaching innovation projects on set an urban scenographic designs
  in the historical city and landscape of Granada".
  Sevilla. November 2013.

- Lecture at COAHuelva (Huelva Architects Association)
  Lecture: "WaterScales. Three works and one project"
  November 2013.

- Conferences at Universidade federal do Rio de Janeiro
  Escola de Belas Artes and Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo
  Lectures: "Agua: Paisagem e arquitetura" / "Projetar con agua: Carlo
  "Paisagens d'agua de Roberto Burle Marx"
  September - October 2013.

Paisagens d'agua
de Roberto Burle Marx
October 2013.
Francisco del Corral

Projetar com AGUA
Carlo Scarpa
October 2013.
Francisco del Corral

- 44th Manuel de Falla International Courses. “La vida breve. Arquitectura y escenografía en
  espacios urbanos del Albaicín” (La vida breve. Architecture and scenography in urban spaces of
  Albaicín quarter) Granada. Spring 2013. Lecture: Scenography and creativity. From dream to real

- Seminar: “Building with words”. School of Architecture of Granada. January 2013. Lecture: Space
  stories. About poetry and architecture.

Master in Advanced Architecture Projects (MPAA).
School of Architecture of Madrid.
February 2013.
Lecture: Living form. Roberto Burle Marx.

- Permanent meeting on architecture history. School of Architecture of Granada. Granada. January
  2013. Lecture: Carlo Scarpa. Atemporal master.

- Master in Touristic innovation. Escuela superior de comunicación y empresa (ESCO). Granada.
  December 2012. Lecture: Space and emotion

- III International congress on heritage and applied graphics. Granada. November 2012. Lecture:
  Heritage as a creative place for urban scenographies.

- 18th International congress on Heritage Conservation. Lecture: Re-inhabitating historic buildings as
  hotels. Interventions that tell stories. Granada. November 2011

- Conferences and guiding workshops at Rafael Landivar University. Faculty of Architecture. and
  Spanish Embassy. INVITED PROFESSOR. Guatemala. September 2011
  Lectures: WaterScales. Works and projects / Teaching architecture

- 48 IFLA World Congress. 2011. Zürich. Scales of landscape. Lecture: WaterScales: Water Scale of
  landscape. Damascus and Granada. A cultural continuity. June 2011

- I Research meeting on recycling tools. Sevilla. June 2011 Lecture: Re-inhabitating landscapes.
  Recycling tools in urban public spaces

Master in Advanced Architecture Projects (MPAA).
School of Architecture of Madrid.
April 2011.
Lecture: Pikionis: Hand, matter, time.

- Conferences and guiding workshops at the Faculty of Architecture of Aleppo (Syria): Topic: Water
  and Landscape of man. INVITED PROFESSOR. February 2011-?

- Master in Theory and restoration techniques. School of Architecture of Madrid. October 2010.
  INVITED PROFESSOR. Lecture: Scarpa: Viewing with hands.

- II International Workshop on Landscape. “City and Landscape". School of Architecture. Málaga.

School of Architecture.
National Technical University of Athens.
May 2010.
Lecture: Designing with water. Granada, a cultural landscape continuity.

- Master in Advanced Architecture Projects (MPAA). School of Architecture of Madrid. INVITED
  PROFESSOR. Lecture: Glasscapes. Water and glass, Landscapes on Scarpa’s architecture. April 2010

- I Andalousian Educational Symposium for a healthy environment. Granada. December 2009.
  Lecture: Built Landscapes. “Re_Habitability”

- 46 International IFLA Congress. Infrastructure: High Performance Landscapes. Río de Janeiro.
  Brazil. October. 2009. Lecture: Waterscales: Landscape and energy in Granada

- Blue in Architecture 09. International symposium. Water, Climate change and Architecture. Venice.
  Lecture: Waterscales: Landscape, and energy in Granada. September 2009.

Laboratorio di Laurea in Architettura per il Paesaggio.
IUAV di Venezia. Facoltà di architettura.
May 2009.
Lecture: Water. Essence of space on Scarpa’s architecture.

- International Symposium Italy-Spain. Contemporary architecture in Historical places. Granada.
  May 2009. Lecture: Landscape restoration of the “GROTTES of HÉRCULES”. Tangier. Morocco.

- Paisajes 08. International Congress. Conference Landscape, Water & Sustainability. Saragossa.
  June 2008. Lecture: Landscape restoration of the “GROTTES of HÉRCULES”. Tangier. Morocco.

- International Congress. The matter of architecture. Ciudad Real. October 2007.Lecture: Water.
  Essence of the space on Carlo Scarpa’s architecture.